Flywheel Installation, help needed!

Does anyone know the best way to hold onto your flywheel when you are taking your flywheel nut off without having to buy a special tool? I tried leaving the bike in gear and blocking the wheel from spinning, but it didn’t work. Help! I have a Ty Racing 10 oz. Flywheel weight sitting in my toolbox because I can’t install it!

stick a screw driver in and jam the counter balence wieght

i used air driven wrench.

I used a pneumatic impact to remove the flywheel nut. To get it back on I bought a special oil filter wrench from Napa auto parts for $6.00. The oil filter wrench looks like a piece of nylon strap with a square piece of metal tubing hooked on the side of it. I put it around the entire flywheel to hold the flywheel in place and was able to torque the flywheel to specification. Hope this helps.


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I use a motion pro clutch holding tool. I got it for $30 from the local dealer. You can use this tool for the clutch basket, primary gear, flywheel, and front sprocket.

If you have access to an impact wrench you can use that instead.

If you have the right crankcase cover off than you can just stick a small piece of aluminum between the primary and clutch basket gears. This will stop the crank from moving.

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