2015 WR450f hard starting after exhaust install

Hey guys I have a Aussie spec (uncorked) 2015 wr450 thats just copped a yoshimura rs-4 full exhaust and now its hard to start, Bike started 2nd or 3rd hit of the starter with the stock exhaust but now its a pain in the ass. I've had the co settings changed twice in the last week and while its gotten a lot better its still not right. At first it was changed from 0 to -10 that was a bit of an improvement then I got it changed from -10 to -7, better again but it still takes on average 5 hits of the e start to start and then as soon as I give it any gas it stalls out on me. Its also stalling out a bit  as soon as the throttles touched at lights or intersections.

Anybody had these problems before or know what I can do to fix it ?

Could a valve adjust fix the problem? the bikes got 50hrs on it (not of hard riding as its mainly setup with motards and ridden pretty sensibly) and  clearences haven't been checked yet but will be in the next day or 2.

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