2000 wr400 lighting issue

i have this wr400 in my shop and the lights dont work. 

i have power going in to the reg/rec but not coming out.


ive hooked a conventional motorcycle battery up to the system and all lights/functions work. so i know the wiring is good up front and switch works.


i cant seem to find a wiring diagram for this bike that matches what i have. i dont know if this is a lighting kit and has a separate diagram specific to the kits manufacturer. the main left hand switch has a kill button, a horn button and 4 light positions. high beam,low beam, one im not sure (has 2 headlight icons) and a dot which i assumes kills the lights. that last dot kills the bike. 


ALLEGEDELY the lights worked when the guy parked the bike. it sat for 6 months or so? maybe more.


what is this battery pack next to reg.rec?


did these batteries drain from sitting and thats my issue? how do i isolate the reg/rec? 


why is the damn spark plug boot 90$?


any insight is appreciated thanks.

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