Coolant Change ?

I do mine once a year. Make sure to use a brand that is Aluminum/magnesium friendly. Most brands are these days, but take a quick look to make sure. You may wanna throw some Water Wetter to help keep temps down, and use only distilled water vice tap water as the distilled stuff has less impurities.

Good luck,


I would make sure you use distilled water. If you dont the disolved solids will re-solidify in the tubes of your radiators. I typically run distilled water with waterpump lube and waterwetter. I havent had a problem yet.

My 00 426 has about 200 hours on it and I have not changed the factory coolant yet. Everything looks fine and I keep it topped off. How often are you changing yours and who, like me has not. Thoughts, concerns opinions?? :)

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