Shifting problem no neutral

Hi guys I've recently bought a 2000 yz400 which is very hard to get Int neutral if you can get it there at all. If it does get in there as soon as you try to kick it over it jumps into gear any ideas?

Does the bike creep forward in gear with the clutch pulled all the way in?

The clutch is not releasing cleanly.  Probably due to warped plates, but you should check your cable adjustment.

It does creep forward with the clutch all the way in. Would that cause it to have issues finding neutral even with the engine off and pop into gear when I try to start it?

I'll give it s go thanks I've never owned anything later than mid 90s 2 strokes before so I'm well over my head with this one

It is hard to get into neutral with the engine off?

Have you pulled the clutch apart to inspect it?

Check the "fingers" in the basket to see if there are grooves from the fibers and all the boss to see if there are grooves from the metals.

It's nearly impossible to find neutral with the engine on but when it's off I can get it after a bit of rocking I've adjusted the clutch up and it's still walking forward

Will have a go at pulling the clutch apart later today thanks for all your help

Is there anything I should be worried about pulling the clutch apart? I've only worked on early model bikes before

if you do it with the bike laying down, dont drop the dowel pin in the engine hahaha. ive had stock baskets get grooves in them and when in a pinch i just pull them out and LIGHTLY file it down till its smooth and it will work for a weekend or so. but that just if you need too. I would recommend and aftermarket one though. I'm not sure if gytr makes them for that year but they are the same as the hinson I've heard 

So it would be smarter to drain the oil and leave the bike upright? Are the after market baskets better than factory? Although I'd love to take it for a rip I'd rather do the job properly and replace anything worn. What would be the best brand for after market?

Yeah I would. Or just be very careful and pull the case off slowly. From what I remember the gytr is made by Hinson. But it's also cheaper and cheaper then oem.

Great I'll give it a try thanks heaps for all your help

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