Im not sure how to find this out, but does anybody know if the carb end of the Honda hot start cable is the same as the Yamaha hot start button? If it is, you can get the dubach thumblever for 45 bucks and then only spend 11.99 on the cable from honda. I just looked it up on Partsfish. If this works, it is truly the hot ticket!

A while back. I read in one of the mags, that they used a CRF hot start cable on a YZ. I was going to post and see if anyone remembered what mag it was. I'm kind of on the same track as you are. But I was looking to use a YZ decomp. lever set up. I believe it will work and from what I looked up on one of the Yamaha sights. It should save about another ten dollars over thr Dr.D lever. :)

DirtBike Dec 01, PG 56. :)

I never even thought of using the compression release lever. I have a worksconnetion set up and my stock comp lever is just sittin in a box. I might be able to get the hotstart on the bars for 12 bucks. This makes me happy. Very happy. :)

Shawn Mc, are you going to order a CRF cable? If you do be sure to post how it works out. I'm wanting to put that set up on my bike, but it sure would be nice to know it works before I order parts. :)

Hey fellas, I bought a CRF hot start cable which was $11.99, but you need to buy the housing also! It is $18.99 which isn't too bad. The housing wont be here till Monday, but I will be out of town so the mod wont be done till next weekend!. I will let you guys know the out come. :)

Let me know how it goes aswell. I will do the same if it does. :)

Housing? what housing? I looked up the part on Parts fish and it looked to me like the cable hooked on to the carb differently than what I thought. It looked to me like there was somekind of fitting on the carb that accepted the cable end. I'd really like see the cable assembly live to figure this out. I know there is a way to make some money on this deal

$45 + $11 + $18, you're about at the price you can purchase one from Dubach racing. I just ordered one last week and it took 10 minutes to put on and works like a champ.

We'll $74 is cheaper than the Dr.D complete setup!

You will need both the cable and housing! Just have the dealer look it up.

Now it's not a machined part like Dr.D, but works just fine!

I installed it in under 20 minutes. If you have a pro perch that has the compresion release and your stock compresion release laying around, your set!

I had to make some adjustments at the track to fine tune it, but it work AWSOME!! I'm stoked!

Honda Dr.d hot start $45 (Optional)or stock Com. release =$0

Cable $11.99

Hotstart housing $18.99

At the most it will cost $74 for the Honda parts

or $31 with stock lever. and yes the cable will reach the front brake.

Hope you like!

Ok who is looking to move there hot start button to the handlebars? I have the Honda part numbers for the CRF450R hot start cable and carb hot start kit. Here they are 17950-MEB-670 and 16019-MEB-671 both are required to use your stock compression release lever or Dr.D Honda hot start lever. I paid a little under $30 for both from my Honda dealer. Hope this helps everyone

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