2006 WR450F Restoration/Conversion to Motard. Australia.

G'day everyone, been a member here since 09 but i haven't contributed here at all since i joined. I've been lurking around for ages picking up loads of helpful hints of the outstanding community here. I've not had a great deal to do with forums before so hopefully this topic comes out alright and I've put it in the right place.


Anyway, Long story slightly less long, I moved to Western Australia from NSW about 5 years ago and i just went over there with a bag of clothes. I packed up all my things and lumbered my family with them. Sadly due to space my beloved 06 WR450F had to be stored out at a mates place who luckily had space for it. Less luckily is that he ran out of space for my bike after about 2 years and it spent about 3 years under a car port out the back and was exposed to the elements. I recently picked the pick up with the intention of giving it some TLC and converting it into a motard machine to compliment the 2011 WR i picked up while I was in WA. The condition my poor bike was in wasn't great, it hadn't been started since i left and was covered in mold and grime. After hitting it with the gerni and stripping the plastics off i discovered minor rust on areas where paint had worn off the frame and lots of oxidisation on the sub frame and gearbox casings I've spent most of my free time away from work fixing it up and managed to get it started while i waited for all the nice new motard parts to arrive. The worst damage to the bike i have sound so far is serious errosion to the finish on the forks and rust breaking out on the inners. I suspect that the damage may be terminal and I'm not sure it is possible to fix them. Here are some pictures at various stages over the last few days and some of the damage to the forks.


This is the bike about 6 months before i moved.


WR Before WA.jpg


After i stripped all the plastics.


Strip down.jpg




pre clean.jpg


First time running in 5 years to heat up the oil for a change, I changed the coolant at the same time. Before I did this I put some oil in through the spark plug hole and worked the motor slowly with the kick starter.


Test run.jpg


After a bit of cleaning.


cleaned (2).jpg




cleaned linkages.jpg


This is the damage to the forks


fork damage.jpg


fork rust (2).jpg


fork rust.jpg


Anyway, i have new sprockets to suit road use, supermoto rims with cush hubs, new foot pegs, rear break lever, gear shifter, new exhaust system, lights, blinkers and mirrors to better suit road use. all the plastics and fuel tank are in excellent condition so i dont need to do anything there. Im happy with the blue plastics and frame. I have some touch up pain and anti rust primer to fix the rust spots on the frame. I'm not mechanically adept enough to do anything to the engine so after i get all this sorted out im going to get a mechanic to check the engine to see if the long term storage stuffed anything up (the bike has about 3200km on it) The condition of the forks looks pretty terminal to me but I might be wrong.


I welcome any suggestions or criticism to how I'm going about things, I'm playing it by ear as i go along. Also, i apologise for the lack of love my poor bike suffered, its heresy.





Looks awesome dude, where abouts you in Aus? I just restored and sumo'ed my 05 WR450, I have a spare set of 05 forks if you need them.

Cheers mate my bike is going well. I spent today changing the swing arm, linkage and steering head bearings. Ill have some more photos of parts and the bike to post tomorrow. I live in a little area called Mandalong, near the central coast of NSW. I had my forks checked the other day and the stanchions are stuffed so i am after some new forks. Where about are you?

Sorry to resurrect my crappy thread. Due to a mixture of laziness, work and personal/family issues I haven't updated this thread. My WR450F however is basically finished though and has been used quite a bit in it's new form. The bike is a pleasure to ride and hasn't let me down yet. I will post some photos as it is now.





A list of all the things i have done to this bike are as follows.

FMF Power-Bomb header and Q4 muffler.

2005 YZ450F forks to replace my stuffed ones.

Rear shock and forks respring and revalve for on road use.

New seals and JD jetting in carby.

2005 YZF fender and side plates.

2012 WRF headlight.

Motard style front fender.

Conversion of all blinkers to LED units.

Hinson clutch cover.

RHK bling and aftermarket super rad cool billet stuff: sprocket cover, axle blocks, foot pegs, brake cable clamp, fuel cap ect.

17" front and rear wheels. Front is x3.5" and rear is x5" and oversized front brake rotor, tyres are Bridgestone Battlax.

Trailtech Vapor computer.

2x USB and 1x 12 volt outlets.

There is probably more stuff but that is all i can remember at the moment.

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Looks like an awesome motard conversion. What did you think about WA and why'd you move back to NSW

Looks like an awesome motard conversion. What did you think about WA and why'd you move back to NSW

Thanks mate, it's an awesome bike to ride. WA was alright, pretty bloody hot. Good beaches and all that but I didnt have much time to do anything. I was over there working in the mines but the arse dropped out of the iron ore price and me a heap of other guys got made redundant, I took the money and ran. Its good to be home, much better places to ride too. Edited by Super-Telecom

yeah that's a great looking conversion, I like how it turned out.  So what gearing are you running?  I'm using a 15/43 on my track toy/street motard which I found to be a bit buzzy around 110 km/hr.  Also, what type of front fender is that?  I might look at picking one up for mine.. but in yellow.  Also, I'm surprised to see you haven't floated the ground on your stator yet.. Which surprises me a little bit.  The factory stator doesn't have a lot of extra power available to spare.

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