Yz suspension the very best ?

It's my humble opinion it is miles ahead of its competitors !

So how long will Yamaha keep the springs and best suspension on the market ?

Happy Easter !!!

I bet the YZ-Fs get air forks for the '18 model year. Offroad bikes keep the SSS for awhile.

I really hope your wrong because this stuff is far and away the best out there

Air forks suck.

I haven't ridden with air forks for any meaningful amount of time, so I can't say much about them. I've had a set on my mtb for years and they're great for that.

I only say the motocross bikes (250F and 450F, anyway) might probably get them because er'body else has them now, they offer a little weight savings, and I'd bet the factory has been testing them enough now to where they're probably onto something good enough for the production bikes that won't piss off their core market of SSS believers (to include every major moto magazine) while enticing others over who think the spring forks are a thing of the past. Pure conjecture on my part (I'm most likely full of shite), but it'll be interesting to see if they stick with SSS for the mx line in the next revision cycle. One key will be if they think they can do it make money at it.

I hope they stay SSS

even through the next gen of bikes

They are amazing

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Whatever they decide to supersede the SSS fork with is going to need to prove itself, definitely.

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