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I have heard of many ways of cleaning chains, and everyone seems to have their own way. My neighbor said to soak it in oil, but that makes no ense to me because isnt lube a type of oil? wouldnt that just be gunking it up even more? I soak my chain in paint thinner for about a half an hour at the least, but if i can i leave it in it over night. That seems to work very good for me and the chain comes out nice and shiny. Also what do you guys use one your chain for lube? My dad and i use Bel-Ray and it seems to work good, i have yet to try chan wax but i would like too. And last of all, i have a question about a stock chain, i bought my bike used but it was pretty much new, the guy said all he did was put a pipe on it and graphics, but when i took off my chain today to clean it i noticed it was a D.I.D chain. I wouldnt think a D.I.D would come stock but i didnt think he changed the chain... And the sprocket is a sunstar, is that stock too? Please give me some feedback becuase i am curious what you have to say.

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My '01 came stock with a (cheap) DID chain and a Sunstar sprocket. The chain is a very low end DID. I replaced it with a DID Xring that has not yet required an adjustment.

I just switched to a did x-ring myself and so far I'm very happy. It did need a minor adjustment the first couple of times I had it out, but my last ride was an all day event and it required no adjustment. I'm stoked! I had a sunstar stock sprocket too, I think they're all this way.

I use chain wax and it seems to work OK. Definitely no fling off, but the chain is pretty dry after all day of riding. I guess this is expected with any lube but I may try a different one some day just to see if it lasts longer during the day. I soaked the stock chain in degreaser to clean it, but with the x-ring so far I've just brushed it with a soft nylon brush and hit it with the hose. I'm nervous about getting chemicals behind the x-rings and disolving the grease. Engine oil does have some cleaners in it and though I've never tried soaking anything in it I could understand how it may disolve some gunk. I would be surprised if it worked as well as a pure solvent though. Just my $.02, good luck!

PS-> there is something at the local bike store that I'm tempted to try. It's a little box with brushes in it that you snap around the chain. You put some cleaner in it and rotate the tire and supposibly it cleans the chain as it passes through. There is a cable which ties to your foot peg to keep the box in place. Neat idea, I have no idea how well it works.

The Yamahas come with cheap DID chains and pretty good Sunstar sprockets. I clean my chain, a DID ERT, which is non o-ring, with a steel brush and have found this to be the best way;s doesn't make a mess.

I have one of the little box chain cleaners. You fill it with degreaser, attach it to your chain and rotate the chain through several times. It works OK but like I said, I've found it easier and less messy to just clean the chain with a wire brush. When I wash the bike, I coat the chain with Simple Green and let is soak a few minutes and then hose off.

For o-ring chains you wouldn't want to use the steel brush though, maybe a nylon brush, so as not to damage the o-rings.

What's up guys,

I had the same weak DID chain on my 01' 426 and sunstar sprockets. I just replaced them all with a Renthal Stock gearing kit, and an EK x-ring Blue chain. The chain was shot, stretched to the max but the sprockets seemed to be in good shape so I will save them. As for Lube and cleaning I usually use Purple Magic (power) spray on and let it soak then spray off. Lube I use PJ1 blue label, doesn't fling off if the chain is already warmed up. I would like to try something else also because it will not last the whole day of riding. Belray seems to work good but it is my experience that it flings pretty bad. Anyways with an o-ring or x-ring probably one good lube a ride is good cuz those rings are lubricated internally anyway. Just my 2 cents, (damn been raining all week here, guess no riding again this weekend :) ) Frank


I do know that the stock chains are crappy so are the sprockets. I replaced them on my 426 with renthal sprockets but those wear out fast also. I tried the Talon kit and it works great. I got support from RK chains and I have been pretty happy with them. I would either run the RK kit or the Talon kit on the thumpers. As for O-ring chains, I don't run them because they do rob 1-2 horsepower. Also for cleaning chains a wire brush and a little WD-40 as you wash your bike makes it really easy and the WD-40 Repels the water out of your chain. Well hoped this helpes. :)

Buy a chain scrubber. It is excellent. All you have to do is snap it on the chain and spin the wheel. It(the solution) even softens the sludge on the sprocket teeth so you can just use a small brush on the sprocket while spinning the wheel after you clean the chain.

The scrubber is just a box with brushes inside. You can also use the scrubber to lubricate the chain evenly.

I bought mines at Rockymountainmc for $20 plus shipping, but I saw one at my local Bike shop for $25 plus tax. Not much difference.

One mistake I made was adding too much solution. You only need a small amount in the box.

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I Just had one comment about the oring chains. I just replaced my stocker with a DID ERV2 x-ring and I'm extremely happy. It was a little pricy (over $100) but so far it's worth it. I do not think that there is any more drag than the stock chain, especially after all day riding when the chain is dry. When the chain is warm (after a lap or two) the back wheel seems to spin as freely as with a freshly lubed non-oring chain. After a long ride when the lube has worn off I think that the x-ring actually seems to have less drag than an equivalently used non-oring type. I honestly did not notice any power difference at all, and the x-ring is multiple times quieter than the stocker and so far hasn't stretched much at all. Well worth the cash IMHO. :)

A good 30,000 BTU Flame Thrower burns that crap off right now

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