Yamaha WR450 high pitch whining noise

Is there anyone out there that has run into this problem. 2009 WR450, after hard acceleration and coming to a stop, the bike makes this high pitch whining sound. Will go away when taking off hard, but will come back when the gas is let off. Yamaha dealer in Reno has no clue what it could be. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Grease the seal area around the speed-o business on the front wheel's hub.   :thumbsup:


I had the same issue.  Drove me nuts.

thank you. I'll try this.

I have a 2015 wr450f and I am getting the same sound especially after riding for a bit and going down hill with the clutch pulled in or at low speed. Did the above suggestion work?

It is a whistling noise. Used to be for only a few seconds on decal, but now sometimes it lasts for 30-45 seconds. When accelerating, noise seems to go away, then comes right back. Happening more and more, driving me crazy cant figure it out.

above suggestion did not work. Even the local Yamaha shop doesn't know what it is.

sounds like what I got happening as well. Will update after new tires and ride.

Sub'd. I have this issue too.  Nothing helpful to add yet, but I'll be removing my speedo cable and riding this weekend.  Will report if anything changes.

I removed the speedo and cable as I've fitted up a Vapor.  I replaced the cable spacer at the wheel with the flatland racing spedo delete spacer and after riding yesterday, no whining noise.  I know I changed too many variables to provide anything conclusive, but this is my data point.

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