Yz400 stripped crank

So I &%$#@!ed up, I stripped out the first few threads of my crank on my awesome yz400f while replacing the flywheel nut after installing a lighting stator...



Question is, can I clean up the threads, rid of the washer or use a thin washer to get to the good threads new a new nut and red loctite it.

Or do I buy a wr400 crank the looks good (http://pages.ebay.com/motors/link/?nav=item.view&id=252315936319&alt=web ) and just replace the crank and not even bother with the stripped crank.

As of now this is my only vehicle that runs (ran) and I just got it plated and bought lights and tires last week so I don't want to give up on it. Plus I've scored on it, $1100 total so far.

I love riding this bike but as it's my only running bike (I have a motoped that a tappet bolt broke one and haven't got running yet) should I be able to get away with the loctite till I have a weekend I can rebuild the whole bike. Or should I just rebuild it now.

The new nut has 5 threads on it.

Amount of good thread with washer 2/5


Amount of good thread without washer 4/5


That doesn't look too bad, frankly.  Clean up the first couple of threads with a knife or triangle file (thread file if you have one) and run a die down over it.  Should be OK.

Gray always to the rescue. I figured that if I cleaned it up with a thread fixer and slowly and carefully run a tap over just to make sure everything is good, it should be good w/o a washer and red loctite, I wanted a second opinion

Got the threads cleaned up, now I just need to find a flange nut.

All cleaned up


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