Anyone know stock main air jet size on 04?

Manual says #165 for US, #160 for others. I'm putting in the JD kit this week, and will tell you what I found there.


PS Met WRSteve at HH. He said you might be interested in riding. I'm in Santa Clara.

it should be in your manual. the maintenance specs near the front lists the carb stuff including all jets. the '03 shows the main air jet as a 2.0. not sure what that means or where it's even located in the carb.

200 is stock and not adjustable! Fixed main air jet size on 03's and 04's. :)

There actually is no main air jet in the '04 carb. It has a 2.0mm opening cast in the housing but no jet like the earlier carbs.

Sorry, I thought you meant Main Jet, until I saw your YZ post. The 'Main Air Jet' on the 04 is 2.0 for all countries. Pg. 2-8 in manual has all carb specs.


2.0 mm is 200 main air jet. It is fixed on these bikes but it does exist! :)

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