Oil qustions

Went from gn4 synthetic to valvoline now to amsoil synthetic oil is switching bad just wanna try different oils heard it won't hurt nothing just keeping up on oil and filter changes every 4 hours

Switching oils is no problem.  Typing without punctuation and expecting people to read it and still be in a good enough mood to help you is another thing.


You can switch to/from synthetic to conventional and back any number of times.  It's not advisable to mix two different oils, but usually only because you really have no way of knowing what the resulting product is really going to be like. 


The exception is Castor.  Not the Castrol brand, actual castor based oils.  They don't blend well with petroleum or synthetic petroleum products.  Maxima 927 two-stroke castor contains blending agents to avoid the problem, and the gas it's normally mixed with also aids blending. 

Sorry about that was in a rush when I typed that,so I'm ok to switch? seems like the valvoline was a good oil and I used it in the transmission side also. I'm gonna try amsoil synthetic since its a big name oil and heard pretty good things so far, what do you think going from valvoline fully synthetic to amsoil synthetic?

You'll be fine.  I've ran Amsoil in my Husky for two years.  Top end looks new.

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