OEM or Aftermarket R/R?

I think I may need to replace my  rectifier/regulator. Haven't had a chance to put a meter on the system yet but symptoms are indicating likely. My question is whether its worth spending less money on an aftermarket and what ones are the best or should I spend the extra nickles on an OEM?

No opinions on aftermarket makers of R/Rs?

You do not have a lot of options for a drop-in aftermarket replacement for the OEM regulator.

If your electrical system is stock Yamaha you pretty much have to use their regulator.

What aftermarket regulator are you looking at? Most aftermarket regulators are designed for

use with aftermarket stator and are not compatible with the stock Yamaha stator.

The stock ones usually don't go bad. Making them worth there weight in gold.

Most aftermarket stuff is made in China I believe.

Thats pretty much what I figured. Thanks.

If it's not MOSFET, then it's old school.  Read this, written by someone much smarter than I.




After reading it, I bought 2 MOSFET units on ebay off of 2005 ZX10's and put one on my VFR800 and the other on my Superhawk.  

I don't anticipate ever having to mess with those again.

Yes no question the MOSFET units are better, but they are designed for road bikes with three phase alternators.

Good luck adapting that to the stock Yamaha stator on the WRs...

Thanks, it must be time for me to learn more.

Thanks, it must be time for me to learn more.

lol Thanks for trying to help out anyway ;)

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