XR600 engine life?

I recently bought a '94 XR600 with a stock RFVC engine, and I was wondering what kind of life I can expect to get out of an engine this old assuming it was taken care of, as it appears to be, since the bike is in great shape, and of course I have no idea what kind of miles/hours it has on it. I know this is a tough question to answer, but I always hear about how strong and reliable Honda engines are and I've heard nothing but good things about this engine. Also, what would a complete rebuild on this engine cost? And can anyone recommend a good rebiulder or engine shop?

It's kind of hard to answer a question about engine life expectancy for a bike with unknown hours, unknown care, and unknown usage (such as racing).

I would say if it has good, strong compression, and doesn't use much oil or smoke, or make any funny noises, then it should last a few more years if you maintain it properly.

A friend of mine has an '86 XR600 which he bought a few years ago, and it's still running strong with no problems at all. So who knows man, it could last you a good while.

Honestly I have no idea how much a rebuild on your bike would cost, but I'm sure some of the other guys in here do know.

yeah i bought 2 years ago a 91 xr600r and it was raced twice by its original owner in the baja 500 and the bika has a white brothers cam i think ..and it runs like a bat out of hell

I am pushing 25 K on my 93 and it still runs very well. Probably lost some compression, but gets around great still. I do change the oil and filter every 200 miles or less and use a quality motorcycle oil (20W50).


I have an 85 and a 93. They run great and are very dependable. If the bike wasn't mistreated you can expect many many more years of enjoyment. :)

For rebuild costs, parts, service, etc. go to xr's only website. They have a list of labor and parts prices. As for engine life, it seems you have pretty much heard the bottom line... excellent reliability and longevity. Change the oil often, as the aircooled motor really works the oil.

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