Mammoth MX / OTHG

I am thinking about going to the Mammoth MX for the Over the Hill Gang races. Can anybody give me any tips or recommedations on where to stay, where to party, etc... Would it be worthwhile to rent a motorhome? Is there someplace that people camp? Can you camp at the track? Would anybody from the Bay Area be interested in splitting a motorhome rental? I have a trailer to use.

I'm going. I talked to a few people who have been there before, they say the best way is to camp out that way your right at the track when you come to in the morning. Go to the OTHG website and post something there about shacking up with someone. I already have 3 people going with me. The OTHG race the weekend before everybody else so the track should be SWEET...

See ya there,


#518-Hurricane YZF

I too am hoping to make it to Mammoth, would be my first time. Also trying to figure out whether to pull my 5th wheel and camp or do motel or other. I'll keep watchin the boards, see what people are doin'.

BFLee, send an e-mail to Alex the webmaster for the Bay chapter...unless you're Sierra then send to Sierra...have him post your question on the website. Or you could post to the e-group.

Steve >27B +38Nov<

You can't camp at the track. The camping area is about a mile away. Good enough. You might try to get reservations soon. It fills up fast. I didn't stay at the campground but I hear it is a big party. You can also get condo's up there really cheap since it is the offseason. If you do camp, your best bet will be to ride you bike to the track. The pit area is tinny. It was packed last year even though the Bay wasn't there.

There is a big party on sunday night at one of the bars. I missed it last year but won't this year. They also give away alot of prizes at the trophy presentation. Every year, they give away a new bike. The guy that won it last year was riding a early 90's yz. He was due!!! It is a kick ass event, I definitely would not miss it.

What class do you ride in? I am in the novice, about mid pack.


I towed my 27' trailor, two years ago. Stayed at Mammoth MT RV Park. About two miles from track. It was an awesome experiance. Would do it again but wife (boss) wants a hotel, gotta keep em happy!

This was the BEST experiance during all my MX years.

Track is prepped and watered consant. Racing thru the TREES. After the motos, go fishing anywhere.


I'll be there.

Rick Marion #112

I went to Mammoth a few years ago, when I was living in the Bay area. It's quite a trip through the mountains.

One thing that surprised me is that practice starts at 7 (instead of the usual 8). I found myself scrambling to pay and then get out to practice on time. I was so late, I considered wearing my sneakers... :)

OTHG #291

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Very similar experience, I rode Practice on Friday only, did about 10 laps, learned the track, felt good, track great shape, my body was n shape, no lung problems, ooohhhhhh yyyyaaaa. I was ready. When I left the track Friday, I asked a track worker, when do the races start? The person tells me gates open at 7AM, thanks, no problem. I roll out of bed at 6:30am, put kids/wife n truck, pull up to the track 7:30 and here practiced already in place. Asked one of the board member, which practice is out there, he tells me “SH__ Rick that’s the 3rd race” Luckily I was the 5th moto and rode practice the day before.

Still had a great TIME! PS got 4th n first moto.

Rick Marion #112

I'm gettin' that warm fuzzy feeling...oops, that's my wife, she' MEAN (hocks a loogie) OH MAN I can feel the surge of, this isn't gonna work. Hang on guys .....(honey, go wait in right there)........

OK FELLERS, YEAH, LOOKING FORWARD to Mammoth, sounds great. (note to self get there early on race day)



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