Planning a long ride.

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I just re-geared to 15/50 and hope by then I will have my sumo wheel and tire kit. Pretty sure it's do able, I opted for the non freeway route. What are your thoughts?

2004 WR450f

15/50 is wayy toooo low.

The smaller diameter of the motard wheels will already make it rev higher than normal.

14/45 is the lowest id go on a street duty wr.

I run 14/42 and its great for the street.

I also run a 14/42 on my tard,   it's really close to making all the gears a bit too long but it's what you have to do if you want to be able to transition the boring bits at 75 with a reasonable RPM. 

I'm running 15/46 with DOT knobbies on my '08 WR450. It cruises along at 65 mph comfortably now.  With the stock 13/50 it was buzzy around 45 mph.  First gear is a little fast for technical single track, but it will still wheelie with a twist of the throttle in 3rd gear.

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Well, little update on this I just completed this ride last weekend. The bike did great! Fueled up every 100 miles just to be safe, sure wish I had a better seat though haha few standing miles! Just thought I would let you all know don't be scared to ride anywhere!

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