YZ/WR400 Camshaft Cap Interchangeable?

Hi Guys,


I stripped the thread that holds the valve cover onto the exhaust camshaft cap, and purchased a exhaust camshaft cap from a YZ400. The only difference is that the YZ cap is missing that tab that the WR camshaft cap has. Do you think it will be alright to use the YZ one even though it doesn't have the tab on the side? Let me know.






Cam caps are typically align bored and you can't expect a random cap's bore to line up. You're better off using a timesert or similar than risking trashing the head/cam.

As said above the cap is bored with head and is therefore matched to that head.

This is why the cam caps are not sold on their own by Yamaha

Get the the thread repaired with a helicoil or timesert. Timesert is the better of the two types

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Thanks for the replies. Yeah that's a good call guys. I didn't even think about that-I was searching the parts fiche and couldn't find the number. I'm getting it helicoiled tomorrow. Thanks again.



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