2013yz450 won't start

Hi I have a 2013 yz450 bone stock. Bike sat for a month started normally 3 kick when cold let warm up rode for a minute than I fell over on bike. Now it will not start. i have spark tried pull starting with truck no go. Have power to fuel pump have a very weak pulse to fuel injector. I am lost on this one bought a gytr tuner no codes the sensors I see readings look normal. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks James.

Over100 views and no one?

Tip over sensor has failed

Damaged harness


Where is tip over sensor? I checked harness over and over and found nothing. Thank you

I'd suggest downloading the service manual from Yamaha's website

Thanks I will try and find it.

The tip over sensor is integrated into the ECU.  People who relocate the ECU to accommodate lights and such sometimes run afoul of the feature by positioning it as if the bike were already on its side.

Ecu is in stock location. When I put a noid light on injector I got a real dim light and pulse. So I'm assuming it's too lean to start?

Not necessarily.  The noid light will only tell you if there is a pulse.  It won't tell you how wide the pulse was, and the delivered fuel is modulated by pulse width.  It may be that the current in the system is too low to raise fuel pressure or otherwise operate the system. 

I agree with the voltage might be low. I put the noid light on fuel pump connector and it's real bright. So I assume it has the correct voltage or at least close. I have put 12 directly to fuel pump and no change. When I put voltage to injector it will start and idle for a minute till it runs out of fuel.

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