Zip Ty fuel screw...

Does anyone have a pic of where the "zip ty" fuel screw goes (Or a really good description). I don't know anything about bikes but need to install the screw and don't know where it goes.. Any help would be great. :)

It goes in the bottom of the carb at the front (engine) side of the bowl. If you look up inside the hole you'll see a straight screwdriver slot in the end of the stock adjuster. The screw assembly consists of the screw, a spring, small washer and small o-ring. You can remove the screw without removing the carb bowl but in my experience most of the time you need to take the bowl off to get the spring, washer and o-ring out. Be very careful not to loose them as they are very small. To reassemble first put the carb bowl back on. Then put the spring, washer and oring on the Zipty screw (in that order). Finally screw the new assembly into the carb (be careful not to cross thread it) and set it to the desired setting.

Thank you very much for the quick response and the detailed description. I'm hoping that is all I will need for a while. I just got my JD kit and wanted to install everything at the same time.. :)

also, be careful when you screw it in all the way before counting turns out. it's aluminum and the tip can be damaged. use two fingers.

Ditto. Be Verrrrry careful screwing it in. Assuming it's not cross threaded, stop as soon as you feel slight resistance. The original instructions I have seen are misleading as the photo shows the screw nearly all the way in. In my case, the tip bottoms out long before then. The tip taper on the zip ty is larger than the stock one and if you screw it in too far, you not only run the risk of damaging the tip, but some folks have had the tip break off in the carb. :) This has happened to at least one TT member that I know of. I think Zip Ty got the broken tip out, but those carbs are about $800.00 new.

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