Did '01 WR426 have a whimpier stator than '02?

My buddy at work has an '01 WR426 with a Baja Kit, and it won't charge the battery well. He's checked out everything, but it acts like the stator is weak. Baja Designs even replaced the regulator, because there was something wrong with that.

I've got an '02 WR250F, and my Baja Kit works fine. Did Yamaha change something? Does anyone else have this problem?



I have an '01 WR426 and it charges the battery fine. I don't think there's any change between the '01 and '02 stators. One thing that can cause the battery not to charge is if the DC circuit is grounded to the frame somewhere. Because one side of the AC stator is grounded to the engine case the entire DC circuit must use a floating ground. That is that all of the negative leads are tied to the black lead on the regulator and cannot be attached to frame ground anywhere. Also the case of the regulator can not be touching the frame as it is part of the DC ground as well. I believe that is why the BD kit mounts the regulator in the plastic air box.

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