Grey and or blue wire............canadian and US

OK, I'm a :canada:wr450 newbie and I'm trying to fully understand the the "wire mods". I'm trying to not make this the 1000th time some has asked so i will go a bit deeper.

here is what I'm told:

1)Canadian bikes don't need the grey wire mod

2)yank bikes do

3)MX off road says "cutting the grey wire changes the WR mapping to YZ specs by advancing the ignition timing curve".

is 3 is true then do Canadian bikes come stock with YZ mapping?? if it isn't and can be changed, do you loose any bottom end by doing this.

for now I'm riding aggressive tight trials and I'm loving the grunt of this machine. would any of that be lost? I'm planning on leaving the WR cams {even for SM racing} and just playing with airbox, exhaust, and jetting.

also, what is the blue wire mod???? and what is its relation between the :canada:and :) bikes?

thx for any info

oh, and by the way BLUE rules :D :D

this thing has better stock power, suspention, and lots more then a fully built {-450kit} yellow bike.

They say cutting USA's grey wire gives you YZ timing because their YZ has no grey wire. Actually, the grey wire retards the timing on USA's WR to reduce exhaust emissions. Both USA and Canada's YZ share a different timing than the WR's, which was mapped for more low-end torque.

The light blue wire causes low CDI voltage output, and reduces the rev-limiter cut-off from 10500 RPM (11500 RPM for the YZ) to 7000 RPM(or 7500?)when in NEUTRAL. Cutting it improves starting.

ok , that was all the info i was looking for. after reading it twice. :) thx

That IS all you need to know; no grey wire and no YZ ignition timing on the Canadian(or USA's)WR. You would need a YZ ignition control module to have YZ timing.



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