New to TT and to my 05 WR450 have some issues with it already

On another note you do have my apologies I was kinda being a a$$. Especially seeing. If I give a disclaimer than I'm not being a a$$ I probably am being one. Ha-ha



Only an ass apologizes for being an ass.  Everyone who rides a dirtbike is an ass at one time or another.  Some more than others.


I'd clean that impeller shaft with a wire brush and throw a new seal on and see what happens.


As far as being broke goes wait until you fall off the thing and can't go to work for a month.

I know been there broke that and used disability for it. Ha-ha

so I've been reading for last few hours and searching internet for a JD red needle and can't seem to find one not in the kit I would hate to buy a 80$ kit for one needle. I already have main and pilots ordered through my local dealer. Can you not buy a jd red needle by itself? This budget is killing me.

Well I finally got my water pump parts and finished that repair. Finished cleaning the carb. And replaced main with a 168. Then while finishing it up I broke the plastic hot start nut. So I ordered a billet one and got her running.

The original poppy noise is gone. And I took her for a ride warmed her up and adjusted air/fuel screw. And went for my first ride. Runs great overall a little bog off idle and I noticed when coming to a stop about 50% of the time the idle fluctuates. I think pilot still needs to be cleaned better. I did clean pilot out with fishing line but couldn't get anything up into hole where pilot goes to clean it I went on a 2 hour ride varieing from slow single track to wide open dort rode. I will pull plug one of these days when I'm off work and see how it looks.

Think I got everything covered. Am I missing anything?

Oh also I removed AIS with homemade kit and plugged port on head with freeze plug I read about in another post. Total I think I have 3$ in my AIS kit. :)

Next JD jet kit, with new air/fuel screw w knob.

Then I can focus on tires and bars that it needs.




Sometimes it's impossible to get all the hanging idle out of an old carb unless you replace the slide plate

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When you stripped the carb did you remove the upper half of the float bowl? My '07 had been left with stale fuel in and even after a good clean it still wasn't 100%. I took it back off, split the carb right down (You'll need some security torx bits to undo the screws) inside it was all blocked up with stinking fuel and the gaskets had all swelled. A good clean in there, new gaskets and it runs perfect.

Ya I know you told me to replace pilot jet. Was trying to save a few bucks. I oung to replace it now and pull carb back off and give it a good clea.

And no I didn't split the upper bowl off it I will add that to things I need to do to now. Keep you all posted.

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