2004 WR 450 headlight switch missing

I traded off my 2003 WR450 for a 2004 model. I love the WR 450 and think it is the best thing since sliced bread. But where I really think Yamaha missed it in 2004 is when they canned the switch for the lights. My 2003 had the switch and never even thought Yamaha would drop this to save a couple bucks. I hate riding around with the lights on all the time, it looks gay. (PO'd in Calgary)

Yeah, I know what you mean. I was kinda suprised to see that the headlight was on ALL the time. I would like to turn it off sometimes as well. But, I guess they figured we were all to stupid to know when we needed them so turn them on all the time. I guess I don't mind, but it is kinda silly. I think I have seen some threads on adding a switch...

Don't worry what it looks like with lights on all the time.

Better to look gay than plastered on some cars Bonnet[Hood].

I ride with lights on full beam all the time.


Add a switch. :)

Take it off. Unless you ride it on the street.

Ditto. Buy an 03 switch and wire it in to the light circuit. :)

Take it off. Unless you ride it on the street.

what about night rides???

I could be mistaken but I think all new street legal bikes are required to have the headlight on all the time. I think this started here in the late 70's.

Maybe Yamaha is trying to conform to all areas by eliminating the option to turn the light off. :) Isn't this bike street legal in some countries?

It's light until midnight in the summer up here. :)

What is the first thing a car driver says when they pull out in front of you ????

A light on could save you from a spell in hospital or a long sleep .

Day light is not an issue Most motorcycle / car collisions happen in the day !

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