2008 450 value?

I am looking to buy this 08 from a friend, it is basically new. He purchased it as a few year leftover to ride with his son, his son had a bad accident without even leaving their yard and the bikes have sat ever since. The bike may have half an hour or less of time, it has been started and will idle without choke, so hopefully there are no carb issues from setting. Everything else should be as new, it really never even got dirty. So what do you think it is worth? 


That is the price he gave me. Thanks

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I bought a showroom 08 in January for 2k with a rekluse and a couple nice looking add ons. First 450, beat it up s bit, got a 13 for 3k n sold my 08 3 days later for 2600 n i pulled the parts n rekluse off

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