Unabiker Radiator Guards

I just got a pair of these on Ebay, and just wondered how many of you are using them. Likes, dislikes?

So, You are the guy that out bid me. :D Your lucky I has at work. :D :D :):D

Sorry man, I know what that's like. I've lost out on some good stuff lately, so I guess I was due!!! :)

Not sure about the Blue guys, but the DR guys love 'em. :)

If you've got'em, I can tell you that you'll like'em. I actually helped Bryan with this particular model as my bike was used for the prototype. I've been running them for about a year now, and after a few adjustments, he just started making the finished product. I'm not sure if he included a different bolt set, but you will need longer mounting bolts. No big deal, you should be able to get them for a couple bucks. I can't remember how long the stock bolts are off hand, or how long the new ones I purchased were, But they really only need to be about 1/4" to 3/8" longer. This will help with the install. My advice, go ahead and remove the seat, tank, and radiators to make this job easier. Also, when you are putting the radiator shrouds back on, start at the lower mounting hole, then attach it at the tank. The plastic will bend around the added bulk of the guards if you do it in this order. Let me know if you need help with the install.

I have been crash testing these for a year and they have held up very well. I crash alot.

Thanks for the great info. on installing the guards. I don't have them yet, but Brian said he was shipping them out today. Hopefully the longer bolts will be included. One last question for you: With these types of guards (Flatland, Devol, etc.), I know everyone is concerned with the issue of restrictd airflow to the radiators. What has been your experience with that using these guards?

My experience is that every now and then there will be some bubbling in the overflow tank, but usually only happens when I stall on a steep uphill. The bubbling never lasts for long, and would happen even before I was running radiator guards. There is a lot of air flow moving over these guards with the way he's machined'em out. Good air-flow and super strong. In my opinion, would not contribute to overheating anymore than the other manufacturers.

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