Can anyone identify this xr600 piston?

Doing a top end rebuild on a 1996 XR600 and was wondering if anyone could identify the manufacturer of this piston? I ask mostly out of curiousity. The bike had been previously well maintained but needed a valve job. Ultimately I decided on doing the whole top end whilst at it. Remarkably, the piston/cylinder seemed to be in excellent condition, and were properly measured at the machine shop within the 97mm stock specs. My question is does this look like an OEM piston? Very little marking on it, and I know someone else has been in the engine before me as the gaskets were cometic so it could be either an OEM or aftermarket.  


Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks!







It's stock.

Yup...OEM Honda..cast piston..



Thank you both kindly. I'm impressed with its performance.

looks like oem

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