Muffler/Header rubber joiner..thingy

Hi i have a wrf400 99, i only bought the bike a week ago, never ridden it, when i start it its ok, but if i rev it up, comong down off the revs it seems to be popping a bit,

The section where the muffler joins the header pipe is not sealed there is exhaust gases coming out a little bit, if i seal it will it fix my problem?

i got quoted about $100 for just the rubber part!!!!!!!

im in melbourne australia

what do u guys think?

Yes, Exhaust leakes will cause popping.

If you have a stock pipe and header, then there shoulg be a sealing bushing between the header and the muffler. If there is none in there now, then the muffler pipe must be smashed down a bit because this is a big seal that belongs there.

The seal cost me about $6 in the U.S.

If you have an aftermarket pipe then there may be no seal required. In any case there should be no leakage at that joint.

Good luck

Good luck

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