Kicked off Bike while starting..

I agree, total BS. I've had mine kick back a few times, and all I got was a sore foot. It went away in a couple of days.

6'3", 200 lbs.


My Best Friend broke his ankle on his 86 XR600 trying to restart it after stopping for gas.Honda sent me a warning notice three years after buying a new 83 XL600 stating to turn the bars to the left while starting in case of kick-back.And i owned a 71 TM400,still have the scars to prove it! :)

In November of 2002, my 1978 Yamaha TT500, sprained my ankle on kickback, 3 MONTHS till it started to heal. My open-class, big-bore yamaha 465 two-stroke, in 1981, DID put me over the bars. Not almost, not nearly. DID.

my 87 xl600r is kicking back on me i had an ankle injury 4 years ago i just got this bike can any one tell me what the hell is wrong with this thing its killing my ankle and i really like the bike i want to repair this problem please help me

my 87 xl600r is kicking back on me i had an ankle injury 4 years ago i just got this bike can any one tell me what the hell is wrong with this thing its killing my ankle and i really like the bike i want to repair this problem please help me

Check the auto-decompressor cable adjustment, if it's not opening up the exhaust valve enough it'll kick back on you.

are you twisting the throttle ?

bro-in-laws then my 1976 yamaha xt500 sure did make us sore until we figured out the starting "sequence". no busted legs or flying over the bars but sore feet(i think we were still wearing our Converse All-Stars at the time)

Some people grind off the foot on the rocker arm, which is the auto decompressor (i think), when the head is off the bike. Because the auto decomp sometimes becomes the cause of hard starting. Which means they would only have the manual decomp lever on the bars.

As stated kick back is unlikely with bike with auto decomp.

I only have manual decomp and have felt some slight kick back but nothing too dangerous. I always kick the bike from a sitting position and never fully straighten my knee (ouch - cringe).

I believe kick back happens when you twist the throttle before or while kicking the bike.

Wondering if you deflooded the motor with open throttle for one kick as a safety measure, would it prevent 99% of the chance of kick back????????????????????????

I have owned my 83 XL 600 16 yrs. Year afrer year I've enjoyed this bike. Occasionally I would get caught in a kick back and luckily escaped with at worst a sore foot from hyperextention. This spring I noticed a carb leak . I removed the dual carbs and went through them and to be sure about the float levels I used  an elevated resevior attached to the carbs',and let them set over night. In the morning I saw no drippage from either. I pulled thr bowls to see if they were in fact holding adequate fuel volume .they were. I noticed that on the primary carb that when i moved the throttle piston up there was cicible fuel just below daylight , just not enough that it was able to drip. I reassembled and rode it around for a month, howecer I could always smell fuel, but no leaks. 6 days ago I haphazardly  went to kickstart it ,{past tdc on comp stroke}and it gave a violent hiccup. I was not directly over the kickstarter / in fact I was leaning left,with most of my body weight{200} over the ,say, left foot peg..I can only explain it this way: Initially my foot and leg were obviously in agreement in the direction of movement, and that would be down and arked ,the kickstarter arc. Once that btg piston decided it wasnt going to cooperate and the fuel ignighted,reversing its travel ,my foot took up a new direction and the rest of my leg hadn't . It happened so quickly ,I was not sure if my foot was going to appear dislocated or worse for that instant till I got a look. I have torn ligaments and {calf} achilles tendon and a severly sprained ankle and the pain has not wained yet. I will be on crutches for at least  2 months. I really think the smell of fuel had everything to do with this. I am a mechanic and wont explane here. but if I was not I would be getting rid of it . They CAN really f=ck a man up!!1 I know I will be gun shy starting this from here on out especially now      with this pre existing injury more prone to be reinjured by doing exactly what caused it in the first place. So that's my two cents. This is a long post, I know , but I have a lot of free time right now convalescing. Any way ...back to porn ...Good luck......

Unlucky,,Yes,,smelling excess fuel around the engine is a dangerous time to be trying to start a 600 with the kicker..

smashingz, If you think it can't happen to you then More power to you. Unless you heve piano legs or you were made out of something other than flesh and bone like rock similar to the ones  in your head then most likely ,if you ride enough you will be eating crow.Sounds like you already know what that taste like. There's a million like you. Keep it on the rubber side Rocky.

Back when I was riding my 83 xl600 with the original engine, the auto compression release was out of adjustment and I didn't know the tricks to starting them I sprained my ankle bad. I could barely walk on it for a couple of weeks. I ended up buying a pair of mx boots to support my ankle. Once I put the xr engine in I tuned it up and got on here and learned the proper starting methods. I could start it first kick with tennis shoes from then on. My dads been thrown over the bars on his old BSA 441 and busted his knee on the bar.

Yes it can happen. No it does not feel good.

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