I am looking to go to St. Anthony with my 07 YZ450F & need pointers

Hey everyone,

My buddy and I are looking at driving down from Saskatchewan and going to St. Anthony sometime around august or so. I was just kind of wondering what to expect and what to bring. I have been making a list of everything i will need and was wondering what everyones experience is and if I could get some advice.


So I already have a 8 paddle rear tire (the brand escapes me) I got from a swap meet brand new (label still on it). Heres what info i have gathered:


- to run the sand tire I need to remove the mudflap, buy a longer chain or run a 49 tooth sprocket and rear shock cover (get steel sprockets)

- I am going to get a new filter and put some oil on it to seal it properly and run a pre filter

- I need to buy a flag

- I am going to get a back pack filled with the following:


- water and gatorade

- extra fuel

- some snacks

- go pro

- flash light

- something reflective

- spark plugs

- small tools

- tow rope


- I am going to bring a spare  chain

- oil

- anti freeze (engine ice?)

- tire tubes, extra plugs

- regular camera, go pro

- bike gear

- tool set

- quarter for showers

- clothes and towels

- tent

- fresh oil change and fresh trans oil

- plug in cooler

- fuel cans

- lots of water


Thats about all I have right now. But I wouldnt mind some tips about booking and what not. Thanks



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Towns are very close by so don't worry about forgetting anything.

Why are you typing all your posts in strike through?

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