Dr D Full Pipe Flange ?

I have a Dr D full pipe for my 2015 YZ450.  Do i use the stock gasket ?  It seems like the pipe and flange are not flush like the stocker.  The outer flange seems to sit off the head surface.  The center pipe is flush and tight.  So there is a little gap on the outer flange.  Thoughts, ideas or suggestions ?  Thanks

Really no one has a DR D Racing pipe ?

Had the same issue. This is a reply from the guy i bought the pipe from. I am pretty sure i used the stock gasket.

"Use wd-40 and leave all the mounts loose and start at the flange it needs to sit flush. Then work the head pipe and muffler, you just keep moving it till it wont move anymore then tighten it up. Its hard the first 2 times then you figure it out. It really only fits one way. The FMF is just like it. You need to lube up that flange to get it to move before you tighten it. "

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I dont have a problem with the fit. What im saying is the pipe and flange are not flush when holding in hand. So when installing the inner pipe contacts gasket and flange doesnt actually contact gasket.

I have a DRD full as well on my '16 it's a little of pain to fully install in my opinion. I checked the instructions for you, said you can use the stock gasket if not damaged. I used the stock one, I've had no problems with mine here are pics on how sits with the flange.




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