I am working with Greg from MotoFrugals on an order right now. Greg is a great guy, will give you a great price and work his best on a large or small order for you. Here is his web site>> check it out, you will not be disapointed. He don't have a lot listed on his web site, but if you call or e-mail he will hook you up with what ever you need.

ENJOY! ~Hitman~

[ March 24, 2002: Message edited by: #1 Hit-man ]

The last order I had with them was a tool which they said was in stock. I checked back with them a week later and the jerks said it was going to take 2 more weeks to back order. I canceled the order.

I have had similar problems with hipersports. I would not order from any of these two merchants.

There are too many other good merchants to have to put up with their crap.

Don't get me started on Chaparral !!

I posted a month or so ago, it's a long story, but suffice to say that I won't be shopping from them ever again.

And yes, the "lady" that I spoke to was a major tool.


Ive had awesome experiences with Parts Direct. Check this out, I ordered the Ty Davis/TM design works chain rubber, they made a mistake and sent the guide. I called them the said "Oh sorry bout that, how bout this we'll send you the rubber for 20 bucks to save ya from having to send the other back? I said ok, (kinda pissed) then thougth about it, The guide was only 49 bucks, the rubber was 80. They charged me 49+20=69 for 130 bucks worth of stuff....not bad. This was only deal they screwed up, and they totally took care of me.

Originally posted by yankee:

I have had similar problems with hipersports. I would not order from any of these two merchants.

Just FYI, Hipersports is no more. They were sold to Motorcycle Accessory Warehouse (MAW)


Chaparral isn't so bad when you can go in person. But trying to deal with their mail-order sales is insane. I wouldn't even bother.

I called them yesterday for YZF plastic, they were going to order some black side panels for me. They wouldn't let me will call a phone order so I went to the parts counter, got great service and found out the side panels have been discontinued. If I'd have ordered them over the phone, I might not have found out for weeks.

btw, anyone know where I can find black YZF side panels?

Just yesterday I called to check on an order made 2, yes TWO weeks ago and it has not shipped out yet! I am the dumb one here because I keep going back to them. Only once have I placed and order and they were able to send it out that week. NEVER AGAIN!!!

Try rocky mountain I buy all my tires chains etc never had a problem!!No tax for you ca. people!!!!! I gave up on chapparal years ago!! terry. :)

I told Mr. X about a lower price and they beat it and plus I ordered it Monday Night and I had Wednesday. No extra charges. Just nice guys who are efficient. Try Mr. X

goto there the best people i have EVER delt with . there in mesa az . grate prices too

Yes, I too have had some bad experiences with Chapparral. This once, I ordered a dual sport kit for my 426. They told me right up front that it would take 9 weeks for it to come in. I wasn't in any hurry, so I waited. And waited. And waited. And waited. After 10 weeks, I called to see how the progress was coming along. They then told me that THEY had cancelled the order! Funny, I never recieved any notification. That was just the last straw too. I really don't know how they stay in business.

ive recently orderd from and Bobscycle by far seems to have the best prices ive seen. with great customer service and fast delivery.

RockyMountain is really good. They have the cheapest prices on almost everything they carry. They carry a crapload, too. The catalog I got with my orders is more than 200 pages! :)

Use an American Express Card when online ordering, and don't buy from someone that doesn't take it . They stand behing the customer with disputes, plus I think they warranty purchases. Membership has it's privileges :)

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<font color=red><center><h1>ONE MORE TIME!</h1></center>

piss.gif<H2><font color=yellow>........ BA-BYE..........>> HYPER-SPORTS!!!!</FONT></H2><center> :):D:D:D </center><FONT COLOR=RED><center>Nothin' like FREE advertisement!!!!</center><center><font color=blue>Now I will NEVER buy anything from M.A.W!!!!</center>

[ March 20, 2002: Message edited by: THUMPIN' ROCK HUCKER ]

Has anyone got a contact at Chaparral Motorsports? I ordered a Fox jersey...they sent a completely different color than I ordered. When I called customer service she (Jody) said the one shown on the website is not available and never will be. She argued with me about why I wouln't take the one they sent. ???

I also ordered an Ocelot Pro-lift bike stand and they sent me an AC Racing. Looks like Ocelot but was built defective. Bike leans to the left when lifted. Also the leverage arm bent when I stepped on it to lift my bike. They told me they would not refund my money because I had used it! 1 time!

The two "ladies" I talked to were absolute Bi@#&%'s. I asked for a manager...and was told that they were silent partners and would not give me a name.

Does anyone know someone at Chaparral? Anyone had similar experiences? Please beware of Chaparral! I'M PISSED!!!

I hear bad things about Chaparral all the time on this site. On the other hand I hear great things about MX-South regularly. Troy Lee has good service but are a little expensive - in my experience.

Good luck.

I've already heard rumblings that MAW has issues just like Hypersports did.


:D Ya I have been witing two weeks fr a refund and have had a back order for three freaking weeks, I am no way ever ordering them again, Infact PeeeeeTUUUUUIEEEEE On chapp and there raceers. :)

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