I was going to all the sights some of you guys mentioned and I checked out I'm looking for just standard thickness renthals. The shipping and handling was 21.95 which brought the total to 93.90. Screw that, good prices my ass. I'll forget about that site.

Those stands are defective, talk to the manufacturer. I know of other folks with the same problem you had/have. A friend said they had a bad lot and will replace free of charge.

:) Cheeze and Crackers Can ya atleast post the URL when you recomend a place Ya know like :D

BigLou on the 426 forum, oh yeah! :)

I've heard so many complaints about Chapparal, but I've been ordering from them for years, and have never had any problems with them?????

If you deal with mail-order long enough, you will be burned. Even the best places will eventually let you down.

Even though it may cost a little more, I try to patronize my local offroad dealer as much as possible. How many mail-order places will give you parts/equipment on Friday so you can race on Saturday, and tell you to pay when you get a chance? A good relationship with a good dealer may make the difference between watching and riding!

i have had a REALLY good experince with cycle gear, im not sure if you can order online or not but they have quite a few stores all over the place.

hey guys

motosport outlet has good prices. but every where i have ever ordered a motorcycle part from has shipped their crap out late. or back ordered it without notifying me.


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