Replace fork seals and fork oil on 07 wr450

Hi guys I'm new to the forum I'm in Australia and was after some advice on changing my fork seals and replacing the oil on my 07 wr450.

I've heard some say it's simple but I've also heard I might need some specialty tools Should I just book it in to get done or is it not that difficult. Cheers.

You can buy am OEM seal kit. It has all of rat seals and bushings you will need. Tusk makes a seal driver and boot that you use to slip the seal on and drive it in.

There is also a special measuring tool. I used a syringe, rubber tube and a rod that I marked to refill the oil to the proper level.

There are several videos. I think Rocky Mointain AtV MC has one. Search around here. There is a better one somewhere. The videos are way easier than trying the manual (which is handy to have as well).

The first one took me around an hour or so. I was really cautious. The second fork took about 15 minutes. It is actually pretty easy. A workbench that will clamp down on the fork is nice if you don't have a helper around.

Do is not tough!

No worries mate thanks for your help. I'll see how I go. Cheers.

Tighten n undo the top fork nut with triple tress holding it n as for a seal driver cutt a piece of pvc the same size as seal n drive it in u can even push it in carefully with a rag over a tool that fits up the tube as long as u can get the clip on , no specific tools needed just take ur time n put things in order for re-assembly

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