2000 WR400F not running right

I have a 2000 WR400F I have converted to look like a 03-05 yz450f, yesterday I got the bike done and went for a ride bike was running great had tons of power then about 5 miles down the trail it lost all its power and started to run terrible, starts and idles fine but as soon as you touch the throttle it wants to bog out, I backed the fuel screw out a turn and if I slowly turned the throttle it would hit the rev limiter but would bog out if I didnt go slowly, carb was apart and cleaned, no holes in the rubber boots that I can see, new spark plug, has a strong spray of fuel when I looked inside and cracked the throttle. Any one have any ideas? Please help

For anyone thats curious about how the WR to YZ conversion came out I hope the pic I attached works

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