WR400 won't start

Hi guys and girls,


I've got this 99 yamaha WR400 and I've been getting used to starting the thing, DO NOT TOUCH THE THROTTLE!! Yep it's been running great and I love the bike. It's been starting consitently for me until a few days ago.


So i was going on holiday and I decided to turn off the fuel and run the carby dry to let it sit while i was away, just as I was running out of fuel I saw my little brother and decided to give him a quick ride. The bike had stopped because I turned the fuel off, so i turned it back on and gave it a kick and off i went. We went about 300 metres and the bike died, since that happened I haven't been able to get it to start despite kicking the thing a million times and going over the starting procedure carefully I just cannot get the thing to go.


Does anyone have any ideas about what I need to do to get it going? I don't really hear any signs of life when im kicking it, have i possible fouled the spark plus or is it a fuel issue?? Any info at all is greatly appreciated so i can get back to hooning around.






Did you make sure there's fuel in the carb? I know, dumb question, but I've run out of gas before. If it has fuel in it, next thing I'd check is that you have spark. 


If it has fuel and spark it's probably time to check the valves. 


If it has fuel and spark and reasonable valve clearances, I'd try putting fresh gas in. I know my WR450 is very sensitive to old gas, I had some 3 week old gas in it and thought the idle was lower than I remembered... hit reserve, gassed up, and the idle returned to normal. 


It's also possible you got a bit of gunk in your carb somewhere, so it would make sense to clean it.

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