Reed's hydraulic clutch?

Anyone know what brand/model of hydro clutch Reed used in Santa Clara? On a related note, if you use a hydraulic clutch what's been durable and has great feel?

In Steve Matthes's post race podcast, Chad mentions it was a part they had in-house and was manufactured by Rinaldi Racing.  Chad also mentioned that Michael Byrne had been running it for a few weeks on his Yamaha, and he tried it in FL at his track with positive results.  I'm sure Yamaha had been testing it and had the utmost confidence that they'd have no failures for the Santa Clara race. 

I've had a magura on a 2011 crf450 for 3 years without issue. Love it. Would add it to any bike. Makes the pull easier, and no adjustments needed. Quick adjuster to set actuation point, then run it.

MXGP Yamahas been using Rinaldi kit for years.

Where would you buy a Rinaldi Kit?

Thought it was a brembo

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