carb issues

I have a 2003 WR 450 and its having a bit of an issue right now. When the choke is pulled out, it will run/idle just like it is supposed to. If i close the choke, I have to bring up the idle on it and it is a bit rough. Could this just mean I need a bigger jet for air. I also just completely tore apart the carb and cleaned it so i know thats not the problem. If possible list jet size recommendations for certain altitudes.

Sounds to me like a partially plugged pilot jet. They are very hard to clean. You should replace it with a new one first.

A good bet is to take the carb somewhere they can put it in a sonic cleaner. It will most likely clean out the small passages in the carb. I had a 01 wr426 and had the same problem. The sonic cleaning fixed her right up and still running strong. Good luck hope this helps.

Small guitar string works on all the passages.

Put in a new pilot jet, but before you install it, ream the passage above it with #15 fishing line and lots of spray brake cleaner

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