Adding lights to a YZ450FX

DC 12v+ is available from any red wire in the harness.  Most of the wiring should be 18 gauge or larger, and a piece of 18 gauge 3 feet long will handle up to 240 watts (40 amps) at 12 volts.  A 6 foot run will handle 144 watts.  Consider the entire length from source to load as you select which wire.  The Baja Designs (?) adapter plugs into the harness connector for the GYT-R tuner on the YZ-F.

Good to know, unfortunately it was a Ktm harness so I had do butcher it, they only had to work once so I could get a plate.

Devin here at Baja Designs. The 2016 YZ450FX has a big 3 phase 190 watt stator in it. All of the power is going to be going to the stock battery. If you want to run that HID light you will have to route a harness under the seat and gas take to the battery to power that light because the FX doesn't have a lighting harness on it. you will be able to pull about 130 watts of that stock stator when you are in the higher RPMs. 

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