Tank repair

Hi Guys

I recently got a second hand yz426f what a machine. only issue is the tank had cracks on either side. I've decided to go with fibre glass to fix them. Good idea? Your input will be appreciated

Also is it normal for the bike to be so loud. I'll get more info and pics of the bike and exhaust. Maybe you guys can give me some points to look for. I came from a quad and street bike backround so still pretty new.

Just buy a new or used tank, there should be oodles of them on Ebay.

Fiberglass won't work.  In fact, I don't think anything does.


When you say loud, do you mean the exhaust or the mechanicals?  The muffler probably needs re-packing.  The engines normally sound like a convention of pipe fitters.

Thanks guys unfortunately I live in south Africa parts are a mission to get hold of and the cheapest tank is R4000 don't suppose you could send me one cheaper?

The exhaust is where the noise comes from so I assume the muffler. She also backfires on gearing down or raving to to high and closing the throttle. Is this a major issue I should be worried about?

Properly jetted and dialed in, with no exhaust leaks, the big YZ's will backfire or crackle "some" on deceleration.  If it's a lot, or it's all the time, your idle is lean or you have air getting into the exhaust.

Thanks for the advice guys. I've tried fibre glass anyway. No harm no foul. So I'll update on the weekend how it went. Thank you for all the advise grayracer and the others who have contributed. This is definitely the place to be for advise. Ride hard and ride long guys.

Hey guys well like you said grayracer513 fibre glass didn't take. So it's off to get a new tank this weekend. At least I tried.

Check the muffler as well it looks bad inside rusted. Is there anything I can do there to repair or rejuvenate? Or best to start looking for a new one? I'll send pics as soon as I can may help a bit.

I did epoxy to my tank and it still working perfectly for 3 months 

Had the same issue with my tank. Tried epoxy, I tried fiberglass, and even tried plastic weld. All failed fairly quickly. Maybe because of crack size and location, maybe because my tank prep wasn't good enough. Apparently there is an expensive market for them. New ones are $200 - $250 for over sized after markets. Used stockers are around $175-$200 used on eBay. I found one in Utah for $125 but it was local pickup only and they weren't willing to ship.

I was dumb and managed to melt a hole in the bottom of an aftermarket tank because I didn't have enough clearance between the Powerbomb header and the tank... sadly, it sounds like I should just trash the tank. 


PNW Thumper, what bike are you looking for a tank for? 

Well, I picked one up but it's a 426f

PMd you.

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