08 wr450f tall seat

What's up people so I gave been going nuts over this I am looking for 08 wr450f tall seat..at this point if you guys can help me fine the complete set or just the foam and then the cover plpplplplplplplplplll help me I going f-ing nuts I been looking for work days for this and all there pull up is yz yzyzyyzyzyzyzyzyx over the f-ing yz lol if you guys could help me I would very much appreciate it

The old Tuesday night black-out...

Look into Guts Racing for fall seat foam and cover.

-Guts racing kits (skip the soft option, as it just bottoms out on the pan; go medium soft)

-SDG complete seats 

- ebay no-name tall seats < crap


2006/7 YZ seats are the same as 2007-2011 WR seats

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I have a Guts racing tall seat, soft foam and black cover, that I don't want. I just need to take it off my seat pan. PM me an offer.



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