Replacing Chain and Sprockets

So, I have 2009 WR450 and it and the owners manual is at the cabin.  I want to purchase a new chain and sprockets.  I did some searching, but wasn't sure what my gearing, chain size and number of links is stock.  With the mix of riding I do, I'm fine with the stock setup.


Thanks in advance.

Usually you can punch bike type in Rocky Mountain atv and they will get you what fits. But what you should get is a 520 X-ring chain 13 tooth sprocket and a 50 tooth on the rear. Most people just buy a 120 link chain and cut it to fit.

^ yes if you buy a 120 it's cheaper than getting it cut to fit for you.


Recommended: JT sprockets

                           Sun Sprockets

                           Sunline Sprockets

                           DID VT-2 chain (premium X ring chain) < lasts hundreds of hours....


Skip the aluminum stuff......

Thanks guys.


Just in case I can find one cheap, what is the correct number of links?

114 according to manual  (113+joint)


WR450F 09

your sprocket should be stamped, if you bought the bike used it may have been changed by the PO

I just did my 2007 chain and sprockets, 13-50, replaced with 14-50 and 116 link chain.

Thanks everyone.  I did buy my bike new, but it and the manual are 100 miles away from home.

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