When I wiggle this little white cube, my fuel pump works again....

Hey guys. Does anyone know what this white end box in the wiring is? Is it a universal ground?


My fuel pump recently wouldn't even turn on when I turned on the bike. It was a bad connection and when I wiggled the white box in the picture the pump whirrs back to life. I can reproduce and eliminate the problem by having the wires sit a certain way when they come out of the box. It's located under the tank.

I had a similar problem with one of these boxes up in the headlight area where if the wires coming out sat at the wrong angle, my speedo would lose power.

Is there a fix for this other than using a zip tie to secure the way the wires come out of the box to ensure good contact inside?

Really baffles me.. Thanks.

Clean the parts. Then use die electric grease and put back together. Black tape to keep water tight. Unless it's been bent or contacts have widened. When you take the plastic cap off you then pop the 6 prong metal piece out with screw diver for cleaning etc. you probably know all this. Like you said it's a gang ground or connection. Something like that. A plug that connects those six wires together.

Clean it

Use contact enhancing gel after

Thanks guys. I ended up opening it up only to find that the contacts were clean. I widened the main prong piece just a hair and fit it back into the plug.. all is well now without odd bending or fastening with a zip tie. Simple enough :)

By the wY

Nice find

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