WR Wheel Interchangeability

I currently am still riding my '07 WR and am in the process of freshening it up with new plastics, graphics ect...  I've also been thinking about lacing up some new black rims to the stock hubs to replace the battered oem excels.  I actually like the stock odo, so my plan is to keep the stock hubs rather than going aftermarket.  


With that said, I would like to get another year or two out of this bike and upgrade to a 2016+ model.  Does anyone know if this new generation still uses the same wheels/hubs?  It would be nice to be able to swap them over when the time comes (If they're not to beat up by then)  If they will interchange I may just look into finding another set of stock hubs so I can have a complete xtra set instead rebuilding my original set and then I could sell it with the stockers.

Yes all the 450's use the same hubs as do the 250's from 2002 onwards

The latest rev cyl 250's also use the 2.15 wide rear rim as opposed to the 1.85 rim

How about the axles on the new WR? Same size as previous years? As a side question, does the YZ450FX run the same axles as the new WR?

Yes, the new WR450 runs the 5ET rear hub and and the same bearings and same axle

On the front its the same hub and bearings but a diff axle but that's to fit the different forks


The FX runs a diff front axle, bearings and hub to the WR (looks like the 22mm axle and bearings from the YZF), but the rears are the same axle, bearings and hub as the WR (5ET hub)

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Thanks for clearing that up, I've been wondering.

What about 2001 WR 426 Wheels on a 2006 WR 450?  I've got the 426 and I'm looking to buy the 450.  Would like to know if the wheels will fit as the 450 only has Supermoto wheels at the moment.

Yes later 426 wheels fit the 450 but check the front carefully

If the front hub has 4 equally spaced cast ribs running from side to side then no it wont fit. If its smooth then its the same and will fit the front

The reat is a 5et and will fit. Look for '5ET00' cast into hub by end of spokes on disc side

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Thanks for the replies everyone.  Nice to know I can build a set of wheels that will transfer over to a newer model!

Thanks for the feedback.  I'll check for the ribs and the lettering.

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