What kind of brake fluid are you guys using ?

Dohhh ! My front brakes are gettin a little squishy. What brand of fluid you guys using? Motorcycle specific or auto kind. I know, this is just like them oil threads.



I use Motul Racing 600 Dot 4 fluid. Very high quality and high boiling point. Valvoline synthetic is also excellent.

As for your "squishy" brake, a little trick that helps get air out of the line is to compress your brake lever and put a clamp, or bungy cord, on it overnight. It lets any air in the brake line purge itself out through the resevoir. Also helps if you can lower the very top of the brake line where it sticks up above the front number plate and get it below the resevoir so any air won't get stuck in the high spot of the brake line.

Motul oils and brake fluid! :)

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