Jacked Jetting

I had Escape change my timing, cut my throttle stop, and fine tune the jetting (They put a 180 in the main). But I just took it for a short ride on Saturday and was very disappointed. It was running great before, but now it won't idle, and it cuts out in the top end also! In between is great though. I can tell a difference, so I feel the potential, but nothing is worse than a bike that won't even idle. That's why I got a four stroke in the first place :) Anyway, I thought maybe the idle would help, but that wouldn't fix the top end bog would it? HELP!! I want my real bike back!

Get the JD kit from the TT store. You can thank yourself later.

Does it just allow you to adjust your own jetting? I've never dealt with jetting, that's why I took it to escape. I took it back to them, hoping they can fix what they jacked.

You need to go down on the main to a 170 to prevent cutting out. Idle circuit is another issue. Need more info on jetting and air screw postiion. :)

What needle are you using? As Indy said your way too rich on main for anything but the fattest D taper, plus top that off with a 45 or bigger pilot and your lucky it even runs. The JD jetting kit would be the way to go at this point :)

As others have stated, you are rich at full throttle (180 is a bit large)

From your description, it sounds like they altered the pilot circuit, either by changing the jets or adjusting the fuel screw. You may be able to correct the idle by adjusting the idle screw. You can get some good info on its adjustment here 250 FAQ site map. Look under maintenance and jetting.

Boss. thanks a ton for the link. I am brand new to the mechanical stuff, so that helped a ton. I feel like an idiot on this forum, but am learning. Thanks again! Hopefully Escape is fixing it up right now, while still undre 30 day warranty, but no word from them yet.

If you can have them write down what jets are in the bike and what they are changing them to that will help in the future. Write the info down in the back of your manual for a baseline or starting point. If it runs bad when you get it back and you know the jets, you will find good info here on TT on what to do.

The JD kit makes it easy because it comes with instructions based on alt. temp etc. It comes with 2 engineered tapered needles that cover all your environmental factors that interfere with proper air/fuel mixture. It is very easy to re-jet your bike, just read the FAQ here and use your service manual. Do it once and you will gain the confidence you need to do other maintenance on your bike. Trust me, its so easy you will kick yourself for paying someone to do it.

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