Help - This WR is a Battery Killer

Looking at a bike with an "issue" but guy is offering a deal. (2006 WR450 with an Athena big bore kit and hot cams stage 1)


He put in a new Lithium Phosphate battery last year and rode the bike about 15 times and then the battery wore down and wouldn't crank it over any longer.  Battery charger said he had a "Battery Fault".  He put it away for the winter.


Then this spring he got a new battery (Lithium Phosphate again) with 300 CCA and the bike started right up and he ran it for about 15 minutes.  Then when he went back to try again later, the battery wouldn't crank it over.  He put it on the charger and got a "Battery Fault" reading again. 


Any ideas what could be causing the problem?  He's offering it to me for a big discount.  I can't imagine what kind of electrical system fault would ruin a battery in 15 minutes?  Bad ground?  Voltage regulator shot? 


I really like the bike, but I'd like to have some idea of what the problem is before I turn his problems into my problems.


Help please!  Has anyone run into this problem before?

Is the bike charging at 14v

Happened on a KTM. Check the wiring look for pinched wires under zip ties or under flanged bolts. Stator and rectifier wires all the way from the part to the battery cinnection

Is the bike charging at 14v


I don't know.  The seller doesn't seem to know much about electrical. 

Get a volt ohm meter and have him start it and see if it's charging

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