01' YZ426f MODS

I have a basically stock 01 YZ426f other than 52 tooth rear sprocket and Cycra yz426f restyled front fender and number plate and I'm looking for some mods that I should put on it. 


I do need some cosmetic mods to make the bike look newer like the new 450s, that why I bought the Cycra front fenders. Am on $200-$300 budget and do not need a auto decompression cam because the bike starts 1st kick on a good warm day, 3-4 kicks on a cold day. I am interested in the BK mod but I really can't understand it from the forums that I have seen. I am a fairly big guy 255 lbs. Have been poking around on Motosport but I know you guys are experts and I really need to know what to get and what to stay away from, Thanks in advance! 12733646_1297882316905525_1151179819153776656_n.jpg12495049_1335334696493620_2267112148934668418_n.jpg

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Read the Pinned Posts at the top of the forum

I read the one of the BK mod but still a little confused on something do you have to drill anything out?

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