Studed Tires

I live in the north west. If you have ever been here you know what the riding is like in the woods. Wet, slipery and fun! One thing that bothered me though is I had a hard time on some of the hill climbes with tree roots, and I would always wash out when going over fallen limbs and trees. NOT ANY MORE. I went and got my tires studed and the traction is absolutely amazing. You don't even have to take your tire off of your rim. Just take the entire thing down to your local tire place and ask them to stud the tire for you. No deflating the tube, nada. Just get it done. They will stud your tire in just about any pattern that you want. I would avoid getting any of your partial lug's on the side done but other than that have at it. I had both my front and rear tire studed. it cost me $23 a tire $46 total and well worth every penny. :)

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