10-13 yz450 oversized gas tank?

Which tank for the 10-13 does everyone ride? Do we have any pictures? I have seen some that look hideous and some that look nice. But I am more of a function person vice looks. But I need more gas than the stocker because a 2 hour hare scramble leaves me empty and if I get any faster (hopefully really soon) I will need more gas for sure. Because finishing on fumes is a little scary.

I have the IMS 2.4 gal tank on my 2011.  Ran it this season on our 1 hr 40 min hare scrambles.  Most of the races would work out to be right at 2 hrs in length.  I'm in A class and was able to run that pace and not have to refill during the race.  My average fuel consumption, (stock bike, woods map) was 0.90 Gal/hr.  I never was able to get a good milage reading on the races so I just figured everything in gal/hrs and it seemed to be fairly accurate.   Attached below is my sheet that I gathered throughout the season.   I filled up each time at the gas station so I knew exactly how much fuel I used each race.  


As for the look of the tank, that's debatable.  I don't prefer the look over the stock tank, but you save about a minute or two a race by having the over sized tank.  That, to me, is worth the ugly.  



I have a Clarke 3.3 gallon It's very nice for function and ridng long distances but I'm not too into the looks of it.

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Do you have a pic of it?

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1460133622.784746.jpg

Not a good pic but that was a couple days ago when it was on the bike. I can take some more pics whom I get home of it off. I am not going to use it anymore

107_zpsyuplbfer.jpgHere's my '11 with the 2.4 gal tank. 

Did it change the seat height or angle at all? Does it make the bike wider?

107_zpsyuplbfer.jpgHere's my '11 with the 2.4 gal tank.

How long does the 2.4 gallon tank last? I race hare scrambles and I am looking for 2 hours of gnarly trail riding and the stocker is barely cutting it but I am slowly getting faster which burns more gas.

Sorry just read the other post. Super helpful!! Thank you.

Is the acrebis one the same as the clarke and ims? Or is the ims better quality. I have had the ims and clarke in the past and thought they were both very good quality but that was on a 02 2 smoker.

The Clarke tank sticks out and over the top radiator shroud's about 1 inch which makes the bike look wider. When you're riding you don't notice it but I think it kind of looks odd if you don't put a graphics kit on the tank. It's pretty much made for function and looks as good as a 3.3 gallon tank can look.

The ims 2.4 imho is the best looking. The Clarke is cheaper and holds almost a gallon more but a bit weird looking. Ims is great quality and so is Clarke. Depends on if you want to hold more gas or look more "factory" Lol

I've had no issues with my IMS.  Only issue is that the clear tank turns a yellowish color from the fuel, so I may recommend a black tank to avoid this.  It does slightly raise the seat height on the front of the seat, but you get used to that.  You could possibly shave the seat foam down slightly to give you some room.  I'm 6'1" and sitting on the bike I'm comfortable, and on flat ground I have no trouble touching, but when you get in the tight nasty stuff, i.e. endurocross stuff, or big rocks, etc, I have some issues dabbing a foot down and being able to get a solid foot hold.  It does not widen the bike IMO, it just makes it slightly taller.  


The 2.4 gal tank will get you through a 2 hr hare scramble, as long as it's not a super nasty mudder, or 5th gear tapped desert race.  

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1460150592.020591.jpgImageUploadedByThumper Talk1460150638.210495.jpg

Above is my 3.3 Clarke that's collecting dust..... it's an awesome tank. Just don't use it. If you go this route it will stick out a little in the front (as shown via finger) but doesn't affect your riding at all when your up on the seat in the corners.

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